Audiobook Available: Letters to Lindsey

L2L Audio


I just wanted to give you a heads up that the Audiobook of Letters to Lindsey is available! Imagine: driving around town, pop in the CD’s, listen, laugh, cry, and don’t wreck!  Though I had fun making the recording by reading aloud the stories of my children as, well, children, (since now they seem so grown up!), the MOST fun was listening to KIDS read the fun kid quotes from the book!

“Why didn’t you have your own kids read the quotes?” someone asked. Well, because my “children” are MEN! and have men’s voices now! My youngest (age 13!) plays the part of the oldest in the readings, but the younger quotes needed some voiceovers!

Here is a snippet of one of the readers, Teylyr Frey, knocking it out of the park by reading a couple “kid quotes” from the book.

I hope you enjoy the book… again –  in audio form!


Happy listening,



5 thoughts on “Audiobook Available: Letters to Lindsey

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  2. Thank you for doing this, Terri!! What a blessing it’s been in my life already!!!
    You reached out from NC to touch someone struggling and hurting in upstate N.Y. NEVER underestimate your influence or reach as the wife of the CEO and not as an active field leader. It hasn’t diminished a single bit!!!!

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