The Book is Here!

Introducing: Letters to Lindsey in book form!  Order by clicking on the book or audiobook:

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Thanks to my husband’s initiative and his incredible, creative team; thanks to you who requested it; and thanks to the late Russ Mack who persistently encouraged it: Letters to Lindsey (the book) is available! With a foreword by Laurie Woodward and introduction by my best-selling husband Chris, let the stories begin! The chronicled journeys through infertility and the brain tumor survival,  tea parties and fishing trips, along with enflamed underwear (size 4T) on a chandelier are all decorated with Post-it Notes of my kids’ cute quotes.  It’s a short read, a long read or anything in-between. So curl up with a blanket in front of the fire, make some fresh popcorn and hot chocolate, (or just go to the beach!) and relish some quiet reading time as you laugh with me, cry with me, and grow with me!


-Terri Brady

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Readers in line for book-signing in Milwaukee, WI.

2 thoughts on “The Book is Here!

  1. Meeting you and having you sign my book at the November Seminar was amazing. Laughing so hard at the troll people after you had brought me to tears (which you always do) was worth every mile and lost hour of sleep. The stage hosts asked who would like to be best friends with you and I joined the crowd in cheering. Now after reading your book (which I was forced to greatly discipline myself to put down in order to reach my predetermined reading goals – finish the gospel of John and you can read more Letters to Lindsey) and seeing into your heart, my desire is have the kind of relationship with Christ that Terri Brady has; to discipline myself and grow like Terri Brady has done, and to share my journey and inspire others the way you have inspired me. I finish reading the book this morning, and am ready to go back to the beginning with my purple pen and highlighter, which I have been loath to use for fear of defacing the beautiful pages, and start all over again. I laughed. I cried. I was inspired. Thank you for letting them trick you into publishing this book. I have been greatly blessed through your words.

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