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My life as a mom, wife and Christ-follower can be such a blessing! so stressful! and so funny! all in the same day.  These letters are meant to vent, challenge, or simply entertain, but always to leave the reader and the writer changed.  By definition, growth cannot occur without change, so I hope that through changing with God’s direction, we are growing to our own highest potential for Him.

After my sons’ coaches had changed the location and time of one night’s practices twice, my daughter’s try-outs were listed on a date that didn’t exist, and I happened to notice an error on my son’s medical record, I said to my husband in frustration, “How do dumb people be moms?!!!”  He laughed hysterically (probably at my English), and then told me, “THAT’s why you need to blog!” There are brilliant women putting degrees and accolades of the world aside in order to keep a family running – with or without another job. Our actions and reactions in life begin with seeds that grow from our thoughts.  We need to stick together!

The stories come mostly from “ordinary everyday life,” which I never feel is “ordinary,” unless you are used to underwear on fire on a chandelier, a fig tree sticking out of a convertible and being publicly assaulted because you don’t know where Walmart is. The starring roles of the stories are usually my children, Casey (15), Nate (12), Christine (8) and J.R. (7), but let’s not forget the dog, Delilah. Tissue warnings I am told would be good before reading about more serious topics like infertility, and When We Don’t See a Purpose.

Why the name? My friend and leadership business partner, Lindsey, asked me at just the right time if I had ever thought about writing a blog.  Thinking she might be the only one who would read it, I decided to write letters to her, but I LOVE that others have enjoyed reading them too!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my #1 fan, my husband, Chris Brady, is an author, business owner and leader who influences others to be leaders. His blog is read in dozens of countries; his Tweets are followed by hundreds of thousands; and he is asked to speak at conventions around the world. Most importantly, he is an incredible example of living his utmost for His Highest as a husband and father.  I sometimes feel like a trailer, glad I’m hitched to his truck!  Other times, I feel like I am only held on by those two little safety chains on the sides, and I’m whipsawing across the highway behind him, trying to catch up! But I have had the most fun running alongside of him, thrilled to be in this life with him, hoping to reach our highest potential for our Lord together.

Enjoy some pages from our journey with four children, including some flashbacks to their toddler days (when I had NO TIME for writing)! May God bless our time together,

Terri Brady

19 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hey Terri – was vaguely aware you were blogging, but now I have finally checked it out. Love it. Perfect blend of humour and wisdom…I have a lot to catch up on. Keep ’em coming. Kate xxx

  2. The stranger’s sketch is such a wonderful reminder that others are looking for the beauty in us…and we should too! Thank you!

  3. Hi Terri, I have been reading your articles for months, but this one on homeschooling is the best desertation on the subject I have come across. I work for a church school,(well not work exactly, I do the books)and I want to share this article with them. Granted that is not home schooling, but they run into so many of the same situations you discussed at length in this article. You have become such godly outlook on this and many other subjects, I love reading your articles. May God continue to bless your efforts. Kathryn

  4. I would just like to say God bless you sooo big for sharing this blog with us. It just maks me feel like I AM normal and things will be ok with the help of The Lord! You inspire me with the everyday stuff that happens because we all know stuff is going to happen but now learning with you and what you share it doesn’t seem as bad. Now I know I will finish strong! Love you with the love of The Lord!

  5. Love love LOVE your book! I am not a mom, nor am I married (yet to both ;)), but I find all of your stories very relevant, helpful, and entertaining! I have found that if I only have a very short time to get some reading in…or just need a smile/pick-me-up… I can pick-(you)-up and feel better. Thank you for your leadership, inspiration, motivation, and sense of humor– it is helping me every day. (My boyfriend thanks you, too, I’m sure. =))

    With love and many continued blessings from above,

    Crystal Boyd, proud LIFE business owner

  6. Terri,

    I just finished reading one of your entries in the Letters to Lindsey book. Thanks so much! I really need to start letting go of the basket. This can be applied to different areas of my life, but one ins specific. Thanks!

  7. I am shocked that one of my mentors introduced me to your leadership speeches on LIFE! In the first five minutes the CD played it said that you helped young entrepreneurs leave their jobs and start their businesses! I was shocked since that fits me to a glove! I left my job two weeks ago to help start a christian based coffee shop who supports people with disabilities. I also would like to point out my name is LINDSEY! I told my mentor that I am so stubborn and proud God had to actually spell it out for me to listen! Thank you ❤

  8. Dear Terry,
    I noticed in one of your entries that you mention some homeschooling options, one of them being Classical Conversations. I am a manager with Classical Conversations and am also a part of LIFE Leadership under Kirk and Nicole Porter in the Gibson team. I am curious if the Bradys have participated in CC. Reason being, I have been implementing many of the tools we have accessible in LIFE for the trainings I lead in the field and am eager to encourage our Executive Team take a look at some of the LIFE publications. Before I do this, I was hoping to see if you had participated in CC and already had conversations in this direction. Even if you already had this opportunity, I’d like to still try to approach the subject, offering another look to our management team to incorporate LIFE material on a more official level. Thank you so much for your insight!

    • Great idea, Audrey. I have not approached them before, but I noticed they have Thomas Jefferson Education (DeMille) in their list, so they would probably love ours too!
      God bless,

  9. Dear Terri,
    I was the young gentleman that had a friend who had to go through the same type of brain surgery as you.
    I wanted you to know, that even though she could not speak with you prior to the surgery she was able to draw strength from her friends and family and she is doing great today. She is driving and has almost no side effects from the surgery.
    I thank you so much for sharing your story so that she knew what to expect when you depend on God and his unending grace.

  10. I had an interview today and I heard you talking the whole entire time. You weren’t in Wisconsin today in the room with me, but your talk from the previous major was. This gal, whom I would say is in general a nice lady, but her habit of being on her phone most of the time she was “interviewing” me, made me mad, sad, and laugh, all at the same time. You could almost hear the silenced “BING” “DING” “BUZZ” “HEHAA” every time she checked it. It made me realize how much I love Life Leadership and our culture and how much I DON”T EVER want to work for someone else anymore, especially in that sort of culture. I was mad for her rudeness, sad for her future dealings with others, and laughing because I could picture you going “DING DONG” here’s another letter from your friendly mailman, “DING DONG, Ha Ha Here’s another one!” LOL
    I took voluntary layoff for the month of April to find a different job, one that wasn’t so physically taxing on my body, figuring that if I only had a different job, where I would be coming home not so sore, tired and in pain, that maybe then I would be able to build the Life Business, but after today and everything she asked, amist the phone checking, and the empty corporate converstaion, I don’t want to be apart of that culture either. Where I do work right now, people are nice to me, they like to kid around and have fun, and after a glimpse of this other place, I’m thinking, it wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be physically exhausted, but I would be mentally, trying to be someone I am not. I am not pushy or corporate anymore. I am kind to others and do my best to listen with all of me, not just enought to “get the gist” of what’s happening. And so I must decide to build this with the physical demands on me until I earn my freedom, I just to go faster, because if I don’t, no matter where I go, there I am. I have a funny habit of following myself no matter where I go. Love you Terri,
    Malissa Betz

  11. Terri, can we reprint your grandmother’s poem about the quilt for our sisters (nuns) to read? It is so lovely. Thanks.

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