Fire! Fire! Pants on Fire!

Early nineteenth century French cut-glass and ...

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Dear Lindsey,

A decade ago, we were excited to have moved into our new home in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Moving from a 40-year-old house to this 2-yr-old Parade of Homes champion was a blessing indeed. The realtor had pointed out the beautiful cathedral ceiling entryway, adorned by a chandelier of “real crystals and 14-karat-gold plating” which matched the sconces on the sidewalls. I had never owned something so “fancy.”  A balcony bridge on the second floor was visible just beyond, so upstairs onlookers could see people at the front door, or look down to the great room on the other side. I often joked how I wished it were a drawbridge so I could put children to bed, and then lift their walkway, preventing their return downstairs till I deemed permission. 🙂

Not long after moving in, we had a houseful of business partners, some of which were close friends, and some friends-to-be, linked by the commonality of business.  I proudly took them on their requested tour of our home, pointing out the features so fresh in my mind, as taught by the realtor who had made the sale.

As we walked across the bridge, I made my usual drawbridge joke, and proceeded on to the guest suite on the other side. Suddenly, one of the guests from the back of the group said, “Uh…I think your chandelier is on fire.”

I looked back to see smoke coming from the front-door side of the bridge. I quickly approached and yelled for someone on the lower level to turn off the chandelier.

The twenty people from the tour stared from the balcony; the rest of the party gathered below because of my panicked cry. The entire party stared as the dimmed light revealed a pair of 4T underwear sparking and smoldering on one of the “real crystals” of the now unlit light fixture.

Later, when I called my 4-yr-old son to the scene, to ask the how’s and why’s, he only said, “I was wondering where that went!”

I still enjoy a laugh!  –  Terri

11 thoughts on “Fire! Fire! Pants on Fire!

  1. *laughing hysterically* guys are too much! I love how authentic and quite honestly “nutty” your household is. Every family needs off color moments, only to make that family portrait your senses reach to touch! Thank you Terri B.

  2. We need another “Brady Bunch” movie, only this time starring the Chris & Terri Brady family. No doubt, it’d be a blockbuster!

  3. Thank you so much for your stories — and reminders — to have a sense of humor as a Mom 🙂 I can be a bit particular sometimes & appreciate the reminder that sometimes the best thing is to simply laugh!

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