My Rain Beau

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“Why is high school graduation something to celebrate? It’s not a big deal. Isn’t it just expected?” my 17-year-old innocently asked while I ordered graduation announcements for him.

It reminds me of my 25thwedding anniversary (today). It’s no big deal. It’s just expected, right? I almostlet it go at that, and then I realized there is so much to be thankful for, why NOT celebrate? BIG?

With failed marriages rampant, often to NO FAULT of one side, I don’t want to make anyone feel sadder than they already are. With early deaths of several close friends in the past decade, I think of those widows/widowers and don’t mean to “rub it in,” that Chris and I have had each other for 25 years.

However, when the LORD blesses me with someone as awesome as Chris, I don’t want to miss the minute to praise Him for this gift I call marriage. I want my kids to see the “expected” outcome of two and half decades together and see it as something which they desire too.

As we took off for a three-day local excursion (after we finished at the soccer game, church and theatre responsibilities), the rain started joining us. Then the sun came out. We heard thunder in the distance. So much for our convertible plans!

I searched for rainbows in every direction – thinking with that kind of weather, there had to be one somewhere. Sure enough, it began to appear. My sunglasses made it brilliant before Chris could see it – or my camera could capture it. We continued driving down I40 toward 64 out of town, and the rainbow brightened – to where Chris could see it from the drivers’ side.

As if knowing I wanted the picture, God provided a perfect snap-shotable view straight ahead – as if we would be driving right to the pot of gold at the end of the bow (which had multiplied to two). IMG_1438

Of course, the metaphor for our anniversary trip was evident – even in the first 45 minutes of the drive. The beauty of a rainbow doesn’t exist unless there are both rain and sun. The beauty of marriage exists the same way. Our ceremonial wedding vows even said, “For richer, for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health…till death do us part.” Maybe I could rewrite them, “For downpours and sunny days, for distant thunder and the after-storm-peace, for tornadoes and the solace of sunsets, I hope we reflect the Light of many colors.” Many storms come and go without rainbows; many rainbows take a hunt to find, while others jump out in the middle of the road, but their rarity make them more valuable to find.

I look back at twenty-five years and see poorer years, and richer ones. Worse years and better ones. Sickness and health. And I thank GOD that He hooked me up with Chris Brady for every one of them. The colors were so much brighter when we were together, even when sometimes we couldn’t quite see the bow.

I look forward to the next 25 and beyond reflecting His light into magnificent colors TOGETHER.

It’s expected, but never taken for granted, because every day we’re given is no small deal.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life, Chris Brady.



bear hug b & w

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34 thoughts on “My Rain Beau

  1. Thanks Terri Brady for once again blessing me with your words! Love you both and YES, you should be celebrating! Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! We have had many of the same experiences….the good, the bad, the better and worse….but in the end, we still have each other because of the relationship we have with Christ as the center, just like you and Chris. Hugs to you both today!

  2. Yes, we need to celebrate milestones of our lives whether big or small. It’s celebrating the Gospel of Joy of Jesus Christ and it’s an opportunity to give thanks and praise to Him with others! Wishing you more rainbows!

  3. Congratulations to both you and Chris. God has blessed you both to impact so many lives with your testimony and faithfulness. Enjoy and may He grant you many more.

  4. Happy anniversary Terri and Chris!! I loved your tribute to marriage and the gift of “each other” that was in your life’s plan. Although you both have gone through personal hardships throughout those 25 year together …,,,,it’s the “together” part that makes it special. Celebrate big ….you’ve been blessed …

      • Hello Terri, This is Beverley Estes your relation. Happy Anniversary. Stan and I have been married 57 years and in hopes we make it to 60 and then you can not just write me and wish me a Happy Anniversary you have to come to the celebration that our kids are going to have. They do not know that yet but I’ll tell them when it is 59. So glade God gave us really good men. Be Blessed.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! Thank you for your leadership and care. Thank you for your commitment to God, to each other, to your children and family and to LIFE in all its facets! May your marriage be aboundantly blessed today and always in Christ Jesus, amen!

  6. Thanks for sharing Terri! Ruthie & I are just five short years ahead of you, and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. God willing, we’re looking forward to celebrating our 100th the same year you guys celebrate #95!

  7. Thank you Terri for sharing this! The pictures are beautiful!! Happy 25th anniversary “yesterday” & God bless you both.

  8. Yes Terri❤️ Definitely something to celebrate!!! You have also saved marriages with your example, and I personally am grateful for the guidance!!!
    Janet Boyd

  9. Thanks Terri, Years ago you talked about how women would make comments about their husbands at work, comments about how they dis this or that and their nuances, and you said that to be part of that you caught yourself thinkig of Chris’ nuances to share and how you stopped yourself and checked your heart and your attitude. THAT helped me so much more than many books on marriage, and lead me to appreciate my husband so much more. I know that your words, your leadership have helped me in my marriage, that was around10 years agoh, this July Dan and I have been married for 19 years. Thanks for sharing your lives and hearts.anhan

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