If I am to be Queen, I Shall Be a Good One

In 1831 in Great Britain, a little girl was studying English history. Reading through the royal lineage, she saw her own family tree and innocently realized that she was to be the next queen. The thought overwhelmed her and her tears drew the attention of her tutor. The little girl explained her plight and her tutor confirmed her destiny. It was recorded that day that the young Victoria said, “If I am to be queen, I shall be a good one.”

Of course, Queen Victoria reigned through much of the peaceful 1800’s so well, that the Victorian era is renown as a pleasant one. Furniture and architecture styles bear her name.

When talking with other wives, I am often asked questions like: How do I get my husband to be a spiritual leader? Or how can I motivate my husband to do more?

My answer is not an easy one – and I didn’t like it when I first came to this conclusion:

If I want to be married to a king, I must determine to be a good queen.

A Chess piece.

Last week, I read the book of Esther. Following a series of sermons on Esther that my pastor did last year, it struck me how much Esther had to do to be queen!! The year’s worth of beauty treatment and selection process alone are evidence of the Almighty hand in this suspenseful, twisting, true tale of a heroine. (I highly recommend reading that little 10-chapter book of the Bible again NOW!) But the biggest thing that struck me during the book this time was the respect with which she treated the king.

I have been guilty in the past of looking at other women married to successful men and thinking wow! It must be cool to be treated like a queen! I can’t say I ever really thought about what it would take to behave like one.

I come from the same educational background as my husband: engineering. We both had high scores on the GRE (100% in logic – I know…GEEKville), went to the same college and had companies pay tuition through our scholarships. We went to work in the automotive industry. He worked on engine components; I worked on transmission components and together, we made the car go:).

It is a blessing when a woman can use her abilities to work outside of the home, when she has her Biblical priorities in line (Proverbs 31, for example)…but I hope her husband still feels like a king.

Too often, a woman will use her God-given talents to advance her family, (Her heart is right.) but somehow end up turning her husband into a pawn instead of a king, and then wonder why her husband won’t act like a king. (Of course, I would be equally disappointed with a man treating his wife as anything less than his queen, but I digress from my point in this letter…)

Maybe there’s something to this “act-like-a-queen” stuff!

A spiritual leader will be his best when he has spiritual followers.

I am no linguisticologist (although I can make up words!), but it seems like the word, “encourage,” would break down into “in” and “courage” or, “to put courage into.” (And “discourage,” would be the opposite, or: “to take courage out.”) I don’t know about you, but I always do more when someone is pumping courage into me. What if we pumped courage into our kings? Then we would be queens!

I recently read a blog which inspired me to make my own list of ways to encourage my husband. I am sharing the first 20, but I would love if you attached comments to add more!

Look out, ladies! This past weekend, I read this list aloud to a mixed-gender crowd of a few thousand people in Louisville, KY. I was shocked by the response of the men, who shouted, “Read more! Read more!”

I guess men, like women…and kings, like queens, crave encouragement. Don’t wait to receive in order to give it.

Make your own list… And then live it.

Determine to be a good queen.

20 Ways to encourage your husband:

  1. Enjoy a great time in the bedroom with him.
  2. Send him an email that lists the A-Z things you love about him. (If you can’t do this, it may be part of the problem. Think harder and longer; take your time…even a letter a day.)
  3. Know what his dreams are and make a scrapbook out of them for his review.
  4. Ask him not what he can do for you, but what you can do for him. It is not, “Do unto others only if they do unto you,” but “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”(Matthew 7:12)
  5. If he is concerned about eating healthy, prepare meals that align with his desires and have them ready. If he would rather eat differently, treat him like an adult…an adult king.
  6. Do “his chores” for a week, expecting nothing.
  7. When he fails, forgive quickly.
  8. Leave him a note in his briefcase or lunch bag, for example: “I am so glad to be YOUR queen.”
  9. Write his goals on the bathroom mirror with dry-erase marker (if he likes your encouragement on his goals, and if he likes to keep his goals to himself – let him! After all, aren’t there some goals we girls like to keep to ourselves, too? :)).
  10. Take care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise, so you are the best queen. If you can’t live with yourself, it’s virtually impossible for anyone else to live with you either. Self-discipline helps so many more than yourself, but I could write another whole letter on that subject alone!!
  11. Let him be his own boss. (Too often, I am the captain of the ship when Chris travels and it is easy to let my command-giving fall onto the king’s ears when he returns. – Not a good method of encouragement :))
  12. INITIATE a great time in the bedroom.
  13. Buy his favorite soda.
  14. Have the kids make a “Yay, Daddy!” party complete with notes why they love him.
  15. Talk nicely about him to others, in front of him and behind his back.
  16. Be his advocate when speaking to your kids. Stand up for him, even if you need to buy time, for e.g.. : “I am sure Daddy didn’t mean it that way. He loves you. When he gets home, you can talk to him and clear it up.” How a child talks about his dad tells me A LOT about his mom.
  17. Don’t keep score. “his hours of free time” “his money spent” “his reading time”
  18. Greet him at the door in lingerie (First, make sure he’s not bringing business partners home with him that night!)
  19. Protect his time. Don’t invite people over, or to ride to an event with you, or stay with you, unless he agrees. Your “followership” encourages his leadership.
  20. Stop what you are doing when he comes in the door. (Don’t be on the phone if you are expecting him.) GREET him as though you are happy to see him! “What you have done for the least of these, you have done unto me,” said THE King. (Matt 25:35-40)

Feel free to add more in the comments below…(and kings could anonymously give us queens some ideas, too…)

I can see the crown beginning to grow on your head!

In love,

Terri Brady

Recommended Reading

Esther, of the Bible

Sexual Intimacy within Marriage by Cutrer and Glahn (Good for marriage – with or without existing physical problems.)

Intended for Pleasure by Ed and Gaye Wheat

His Needs Her Needs by Harley, Jr.

Becoming the Woman of His Dreams  by  Sharon Jaynes- My FAVORITE marriage book: what 300 men wish they had in a wife (and it had nothing to do with chest size! Phew!)

King & Queen

66 thoughts on “If I am to be Queen, I Shall Be a Good One

  1. I loved this talk at the major Terri! I was pleasantly surprised by the comments of new people regarding the nature of women treating their men like kings. Most people said they have never heard anyone talk like this (even some who have been married 30+ yrs) and it was refreshing to see biblical examples. It would be cool to have Chris share a list as a counterpart for a man’s role as king to his queen. God Bless you Terri

    • Hi Terri, this was an amazing talk in Louisville, it was such a blessing to learn from you! Your wisdom, shining example, and your belief in all of us is both inspiring and humbling. I was so blessed to sing with the choir as well – praising The Lord together and directing others to Him – and isn’t that the ultimate goal of all our lives, after all? Thank you – you and Chris and the rest of the leaders are making a HUGE difference in this world – I am motivated to do everything I can do in my circle of influence to join you all in that endeavor — because it is SO important! See you at the next major – I’ve got my ticket! God bless you!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I am not sure who is more happy about this post-me or my husband! Ha! I admire your boldness to speak and write about these issues. You are a rolemodel and complete hero in my life! ❤

  3. This is awesome Terri! I had a friend who absolutely could not make it to the major due to illness and I almost re-typed the notes I took from your talk to send to her, at least the portions that I wrote down since I couldn’t write fast enough ;). What a great talk and you just made it easier to share with others so thank you! I agree with Kristen in that it would be great for Chris to share the counterpart of this king and queen teaching. Thank you for all that you do!

  4. Thanks Terri for this great blog. I plan on implementing some of this info right away. I am one of those men saying, more, more as well. I look forward to surprising my wife. If I want to be married to a Queen, I must be determined to be a great King!

    Mike Bercier

  5. Wow, this is inspiring and motivating! This very subject has been on my heart for the past few weeks, what a fresh perspective and encouragement! Thank you my friend, Deb

  6. lol — I was just thinking about the list you gave over the weekend, and low-and-behold, here it is! I’m committed to doing at least one per day (at least), every day … making a conscious effort to be his Queen. And when I fall, because I will, I’ll get up to do it again. Thanks so much for everything and it was wonderful to see you this weekend at the major!

  7. Thank you Terri for posting this! What a great example you and Chris are. I too will be implementing these and many others to make sure I am a GREAT Queen for my husband!

  8. Terri I loved hearing this talk live but I’m thrilled to have it printed out to serve as a queen growth scoreboard:) I know with a princess in our house and 4 princes that they need a worthy example of a queen and king! Thank you!

    • Angie, You made SUCH a good point! There are princesses watching- and they are likely to pick their kings to marry based on the role their fathers play in their lives. They are likely to treat their men the way we treat ours. I am grateful you brought that up! The future generations of marriage depend on our example. -Terri

      • What a wonderful observation Tracey! I love this list and the talk at the major, and am working on implementing some of the steps to make myself a better Queen. I know that it is so important to remember that I am helping to raise future Kings and it is important to teach them how to be good Kings for their future Queens. I have been praying over my boys since they were babies that God would help me to raise them to be godly men and good husbands, but I have also been praying for the women that will one day be their wives that God will direct them as well. Thanks again Terri for the wonderful insights you provide. Love you!

  9. I can’t wait for this talk to come out on CD. We are at the Ottawa major this weekend coming up so I don’t think we will get to hear it live.
    I just wanted to add something fun that my husband and I used to do (we should start that again). He would call me on his way to work and we would tell each other 10 things we love/respect about one another. We tried to change it up every day. It would really get us feeling good before starting our day in our negative work environments.
    Thanks for reminding me of what a good thing that was.

    • I LOVE that! Thank you for sharing. I remember one time (and you are right! We should do it more!) Chris and I did that on paper and handed it to each other. I was shocked. Not surprised- really shocked! – at the 10 things he had written down. They were not what I expected, and things I almost would have discarded until I realized they were important to him. (Like my football-throwing ability, lol!) Thanks for planting seeds!

  10. I loved hearing this live so Im thrilled to have it in writing to print as my personal queen growth scoreboard! We have a princess and 4 princes looking for a worthy example of a king and queen! Thank you!

  11. Thank you Terri for your wonderful examples! One thing that my husband and I try to implement into each of our days is a 10 second kiss 🙂 Many times, both of us are so busy in our everyday schedules that the little pecks were all that we would get for physical contact. Our 10 second kisses are a way to reconnect and sometimes help out with #1 and #12 on your list! We are so looking forward to seeing you and Chris in Saginaw in February!!

      • I try to do the same thing with my hubby–a good friend of mine once said something similar about a 6-second, REAL kiss. The first time I tried it (without explaining anything to him), it was like back when our relationship started and we were totally free to focus on each other (you know, before kids, multiple jobs, bills, debt, ugh!). I know he appreciates something even as simple as a “real kiss.” And in those handful of seconds, I’m reminded why I first fell in love with him, which definitely helps with #1 and #12.

        I’m glad I came across this blog post! I couldn’t scribble fast enough in Louisville, and I lost about 5 or 6 suggestions from the list. Might have to print it out 🙂

        ~Jen Ulrich

  12. Terri, wow. This has made quite an impact. This queen, with tears rolling down her face, realizes just how much she misses and loves her king. You see, her king is in another state holding down the homefront and working, while this queen is in Michigan learning how to build our future in LIFE, so we can build together at home. I realize now I am not acting the queen, and vow to start today – even from afar. When I return, I can live every day, by his side, working to become the queen of his dreams! You are such a wonderful person and teacher!

  13. After leaving the Louisville meeting all the couples kept saying between each other was, “Number 1 and number 12!” We would all giggle but you would see the couples hug each other a little closer. It reminded me of a talk Laurie Woodward gave concerning “going double go-getter”. 15 plans a month and 15 #1’s&#12’s. Thanks again for the reminder and sweet kick in the pants to step up and be that Queen my King desperately needs. 🙂

  14. Hi Terri. I always love to listen to you talk. You are so inspiring. My husband and i will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary in July. We have a good marriage. We can always improve. My husband works 3rd shift and i work different hours during the day. It is hard for us to spend a lot of time with each other with him trying to sleep durring the day and if i work late. I like the idea of leaving notes for each other. I also try to make sure he always has clean uniforms for work and a (somewhat) clean house to wake up to. I will work hard on improving myself and my attitude alway. I want to be a great queen for my husband. I want him to be proud of me.
    Thank you Terri, for being a blessing to so many.

  15. Thanks Terri, we have learned so much from you and Chris and all the couples In the PC. Thanks to that my hubby and I have the best marriage ever, and I know it’s only going to get better and stronger. I guess the only thing for me to add is what I learned from a focus on the family talk “gross your kids out” Show love to each other in front of the kids. BTW, I’m stealing you list and adding my own. 😉

  16. THANK YOU Terri for taking your time to summarize the points of your talk!!!! While you were giving the talk, I thought “I wish I could get this talk on CD NOW!!!!!” It is no wonder Chris is such an AMAZING king because he has a queen that is very intentional about doing her very best as a wife!

    A few things that would go on my Queen list that make a tremendous difference in the attitude of my King — and may seem silly, or simply expected (however, I am often surprised at how many women do not always prioritize these things — including myself!!!!) — 1) Have his lunch ready and coffee made in the morning before he goes to work 2) When he comes home, have a meal ready, house picked up and look attractive (not like I have been taking care of the kids and cleaning the house all day 😉 3) Scratching him — especially when I don’t feel like it 😉

    I am going to ask my King, however, for his list on what makes him feel like a King! (I was told this past weekend that being his mentor does not…I am learning sometimes men like to talk and have their queens simply listen, without problem solving for them, too 😉

  17. Thank you SO much Terri! I will definately use this with my Prince Charming, who is my King to be! (my fiance) 🙂 Always great to learn tips to become the best wife i can become!

  18. Thank you Terri! I needed to hear this today. I am inspired to try harder and be a better queen to my king, and a better example to my little prince and princesses! I appreciate so much the examples that you and Chris set for all of us!

  19. HI Terri, what an impact your talk had at the Leadership Convention. A lady on my team was getting her husband breakfast the following morning because she wanted to treat him like a King! Way to go!

  20. Thank you for posting this. I think to many young woman forget that they are partially responsible for how they are treated.
    I also thank you for posting the link to the bible study web site. One can read the bible, but if its not understood, what good does it do.

  21. Terri-
    I am so sad that we missed getting to hear your talk. Your always my favorite. I guess I’ll have to wait for the cd. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  22. Thank you Terri so much for posting this list. I was not able to write fast enough to get it down in it’s entirety at the Major. I have a lot of work ahead. I was convicted as you spoke and continue to be convicted as I read the list over. People have often told me that my husband treats me like a queen but I have never had anyone say I treat him like a king. Ouch!! I so appreciate you obeying God and being used of Him to challenge me in this area.

  23. Reblogged this on sonyambeeler and commented:
    This morning I wrote a little note on Facebook to express a little of the delight I felt when I discovered that my husband had moved the cars around, warmed mine up and cleared it off so I wouldn’t get cold in the shut-down-the-schools storm in which I was to travel to work. I looked at the comment again a few hours later and found other lovely comments about him from other men and women we know. So many people “liked” the comment… People I haven’t seen since elementary school in some cases …and I quickly realized how very much we love a hero, a king. We crave such tales from earliest childhood and that longing to hear heroic stories is still within. Then, in the quiet of afternoon nap time I read a blog by one of my own heroes and was again delighted, but not surprised,for my Heavenly Father often arranges my life in this way, to find that Terri Brady had written the most densely packed and perfectly apt article about just that very issue.

    Here it is…enjoy, ingest, and employ it!

  24. Wow! So glad you posted this–cause we’ll miss you at the major, and this is terrific–as you always are!! Thx–I think I need to read it often to remind me–Love and appreciate you, Mary

  25. Thank you so much Terri! You have brought to light once again the importance of encouraging one another in marriage! I have read many of the books you have recommended on this blog and when I’ve heard you speak in the past. I now find myself recommending them to young couples that have just gotten married or are about to! I tell them “if you read and apply these books you will save yourself a lot of headaches and heartaches” Hopefully soon I can see you live once again! God Bless you, Chris and your family!

  26. Thank you for the reminder that when we are focused on the needs of others we not only are happier but have less room to focus on the negative.

  27. Terri,
    What an awesome talk you gave in Louisville! I am very much looking forward to the CD, so I can review it over and over. This list is a great help in the meantime.
    Thank you for being such an awesome example of everything you teach.

  28. Terri. I just want to say that I have noticed the impact in which God is using you. You’re latest cds have made such an impact on my dreams and how the Lord would like to use me as his servant. Thx for all that u and Chris do for our lives. Hopefully I can be the King God would have me to be to my wife as well.God bless u!!!

  29. I thought I would leave a comment here – with all of the comments on this link from Facebook, before they move on down the timeline. These were copied as of this morning. Enjoy! :

    Kristi Heffelfinger, Jaqua Taylor, Bethany Hale and 90 others like this.

    Roger Seymour: Enjoyed hearing this in person. This weekend we heard some amazing ideas. You and Chris are making a difference in people’s lives. Do not let those who are against you to cause any doubt in God’s purpose in your mind for your of life.
    Yesterday at 12:24am ·

    Bettina Peters: Thanks for this Terri! It was awesome this past weekend too!
    Yesterday at 1:09am via mobile ·

    Ninni Campbell thank you for sharing…..LIFE makes my marriage better everyday! We are blessed to have amazing Leaders!
    Yesterday at 1:22am via mobile ·

    Pamela Ross: Life has taken my marriage to a brand new level. I am so blessed to have such Great Leaders in my life!
    Yesterday at 2:22am ·

    Dennis Benn: Life makes all phases of personal development better.
    Yesterday at 7:08am ·

    Dottie Allen Moyer: I couldn’t write fast enough at your talk! LOVE YOU! Thank you again!
    Yesterday at 7:52am via mobile ·

    Becca Ascol: Thanks, Terri, from a very-soon-to-be-queen! 0.o
    It’s great to have these insights and exhortations as I anticipate becoming a wife. So helpful
    Yesterday at 9:42am via mobile ·

    Holly Hammond Burke: Thanks for a great weekend in Louisville. I believe this business has not only helped my marriage but saved it. I can’t thank you all enough for saving a family. God Bless you<3
    23 hours ago via mobile ·

    Sue Lohr: Fabulous talk in Louisville…took good notes and am going to type them up and refer to them DAILY. My husband has always been my hero, but I am not so sure I have been a good Queen. Thanks, Terri!
    20 hours ago ·

    Julie Vrieze: Thank you for posting this, Terri! My husband noticed I wasn't writing any of the points down during you talk this weekend…especially #1 and #12…but I knew you would HAVE to post it on your blog Thanks so much for your powerful teaching, inspiration, and being a living example for how to live LIFE!
    17 hours ago ·

    Anna Veszpremi :Thank you, Terri!!!! Great article & excellent speech over the weekend!!!
    15 hours ago ·

  30. Absolutely amazing post Terri! I loved hearing your talk on this at the LIFE convention. I always feel a little awkward sharing this kind of information because I don’t want to come off as chauvinist, but I just had to share this one on my facebook. Thanks again!

  31. Thanks Terri! This was such a powerful, deeply impacting talk you gave & I can’t thank you enough for posting this blog about it!

  32. Terri thank you so much for posting your great talk on your blog. While my family and I have been building a more solid faith based home life, I read Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Finding the Hero in Your Husband by Dr. Julianna Slattery, and the Bible, the book of Esther in particular, because I wanted to be what God needed me to be for my husband. But your list has shown me that there is always more a queen should do.
    I also agree with Angie, 20 ways to encourage your husband is a great way to set an example for our princes and princesses. It came at just the right time as I have been struggling with helping our son be the best man he can be in the future, for himself, his family, and our country.

  33. Thanks, Terri! I’m sharing this with every woman I know.

    My suggestion for #21: Stop and just look at him. When he notices, just smile (or wink). He will wonder what you are up to. I especially love to do this while in the car on long road trips.

  34. You asked for tips from the gentlemen. I have one. Ladies we do notice if you take care of your hair. A tiara or crown should pale in comparison to what it is placed on. 🙂

  35. Terri,
    Thanks for sharing and also thanks to all those who have already commented. I have not always acted like a queen and you are right (like always) when I act like a queen, he acts like a king. I will get started on being better because I have found when I follow your suggestions or suggestions from stage or up-line that things work better. Thank you for your example and your leadership. I really appreciate the list of suggested reading.

  36. I thought this talk in Louisville was outstanding! I definitely have notes filed away for the future! A couple of weeks ago I started a little project for someone I have been dating, “37 reasons I wanted to know him better” for his 37th birthday. I had a blast writing out each reason on a separate tiny note card in a separate envelope. I turned it into a countdown. When I met him for breakfast this week I gave him the sack of cards so he would have them to enjoy on his birthday. Of course, he began to open them all immediately! I started to protest, but thankfully remembered your talk. If I am to be a queen one day, I must begin the practice of letting him be the king. I hope you will continue to speak beautiful counter-cultural truth. 🙂

  37. All I can say is thank you for giving this talk and posting it on your blog Terri. I was never taught how to be a godly wife. Through your teaching and example, I have learned so much! I have asked my husband to let me know which of the 20 examples he likes and to star the most important. I have a great marrirsge but will implement the ones he chose and will be anxious to see what happens to better out marriage:) Bless you for your wisdom.

    • I LOVE that you asked your husband! I believe the list would be different for some husbands, because I know my list of “how to treat your queen” would probably be different than many ladies’ requests. (I mean, who would write down, “Get HER a trolling motor for your wedding anniversary,” as one of the 20? HAHA!) I am so proud of the example you are setting with asking that question! Have a blessed day! -Terri

  38. YES — I love this list! Here are some more ideas: when it snows take the time to clean his car windows before he leaves for the day or for the evening, this saves him from being late and getting his clothes/shoes messy — Its the little extra things all strung together that make the difference!! One birthday I picked the number he was turning and wrote that many tiny notes of my favorite memories of us together and folded them and put them in a “memory box” (cheapest gift and well appreciated by him!). I make his coffee and lunch before I do anything for myself or the other 3 girls in the morning…and they help me do it so they can also get credit from their daddy (well not the 11 month old!) I make sure to grab his favorite snack at the store along with all the kids favorite snacks. I mail cards randomly to his parents thanking them for raising such a great man….etc, etc. I got most of these from good books so read and re-read good marriage books!!! Thanks!!!!

  39. Our Team is still talking about this talk even a week and half later! Our new favorite inside joke…’1 and 12′ Ha! Love your message! Rascal Nation is SO blessed to have such an inspirational leading lady! Thank you for all you do!

  40. Terri!

    So enjoyed this talk at the major and the lively discussions that followed once our team gathered. It’s this type of transparency and truth that keeps so many people engaged in LIFE. Thank you! One of my favorite things to do to remind my husband that he is my King is to run him a nice jacuzzi bath with his favorite scents and them let him know it’s for him not me. I also love to send him a sexy text everyone in a while..to let him know I am thinking of him in that way! You know, a little initiation..lol


  41. Pingback: Don’t Let It Slip On By « Kristen Seidl – Living an Intentional Life

  42. I loved the talk you had at the major. I could not write fast enough. I finally stopped trying and told my husband that maybe you would share it in a blog. When we got home there it was. I plan on sharing this with other women. One thing I do to make my husband feel like a king is take care of his clothes so he is not wrinkled and looks great all the time. I also make sure the coffee is ready for him in the morning. It is really all the little things we do that make the greatest impact on his life. Everyone keep up the good work.

  43. Terri, I love that we got to see the video of your Kentucky talk at the Ottawa Convention. It was amazing and I’m thankful to have your points written down here. Thanks for having the courage to share. One of the things that new people often comment on when they first attend a LIFE Live event or major Convention is the way that spouses treat each other here. Thank you (and all the PC couples and speakers on stage) for being such great examples of what a joy-filled, Godly marriage can be and for breaking the mold of what a feminist society says it should look like.
    Thanks for sharing.

  44. Though we tell each other often throughout the day… as he kisses me when he leaves for work, if we talk on the phone to each other throughout the day, or send a text … when the goodnights are said and I know he is on his way to sleep I will ask him… “Did I tell you today that I love you?” – (knowing I have), and sometimes he says no so that I will tell him again, and sometimes he says yes, but he can never hear it enough. I think I sometimes send him off to sleep with a smile on his face even though I can’t see it …
    Thank you for all your words everytime!! 🙂

  45. I love this! Being the best promoter for your mate is the best support role you can play. Speaking life with specific intent!

  46. Thank you for this insight on how to be a Good Queen and to honor our husbands by being in submission to our husbands, our King. It is the Biblical way and the only way to have a happy home with the King being the leader in his home. I have been married 49 years and will celebrate 50 years in March 2015. My husband turned his life to Jesus on March 2, 2014 by being born again of The Spirit and The Water. I have been a Christian for 38 years and prayed daily for my husband to honor Jesus Christ. Prayer and being obedient to God’s Word helped my husband to surrender his life to Jesus. Our marriage has been complete with this change in his life. However,
    I needed these 20 steps in making my husband a King in our marriage. I will be working on my self so I can be a Good Queen. I have taken him for granted for so many years and my last years, I want to be a better person. May the Lord bless you and your King.

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