One time in the kitchen, Casey (3) was sitting staring at something really pensively. After a few minutes he spoke: “Something is puzzling me.”

Amused at his choice of words for such a small guy, I asked, “Really? What is puzzling?”

He said, “It means it’s confusing or unclear.”

Ha ha!

4 thoughts on “Puzzling

  1. Too Funny! Reminds me of my little one. We were talking about ego and someone asked what is that. She quickly said ” Duh, it’s a bird”

    Love ya!

  2. Well, he clearly understood and answered your question! Hahaha! Such is how children start in this world, with pure thoughts and thinking. Unfortunately for many, this doesn’t last long as their thinking starts being infiltrated with the thinking of the world. You and Chris, however, are able to guard their thinking with positive guidance and spiritual values rooted in God’s Word because you are available in helping shape their minds with the right input. Through the LIFE information, a lot of young families are able to benefit from the opportunity to do the same in the growth of their kids and raise future leaders. The future is bright for the next generation as we move towards one million people! God bless!

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