During my son Casey’s Hot Wheel phase of life, my husband spent a lot of time on the floor, identifying each car and the engine it would have on the road. Casey became an expert! One day while we were out and about, there was a red Camaro in front of us. Casey (age 4) said from the backseat, “Dad! Look at that red Corvette!”

Chris explained, “No, that’s not a Corvette. That one is a Camaro, Casey.”

From the car seat in the back came, “Dad, I know my cars. The red Corvette was above us on the bridge!”

2010 Camaro


2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

3 thoughts on “Corvette!

  1. My two year old’s first word was “car”! 🙂 He REALLY likes them!!! Lately we have had some construction going on around our house and he has been enamored with watching all the tractors and trucks buzzing along. So his favorite new word this week is “Bobcat”. It’s so fun to hear them discover and use new words ALOT. ;D

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