Duh, Mom

Casey, my oldest, was an especially intelligent toddler. At two, he knew our five-digit address, as well as many of the neighbors’ addresses. Sometimes, his gifted brain may have come across as a smart aleck, because he said things so confidently.  It was as though he was saying, “duh!” to the adult who asked the questions.

Even as a baby, he seemed to have it all figured out. When I would play “peek-a-boo,” with him, I felt like he was saying, I knew you were there.

My father often recounts the time he asked 2-yr-old Casey if he had a fire truck in his hand.

English: New South Wales Fire Brigades Pumper ...

Casey replied, “No, this is the pumper truck, Pop Pop.”

While pushing his Hot Wheels on the carpeted family room floor, he regularly made an elaborate scene- usually a traffic jam. One houseguest walked by and, observing the cute display, said “Are you driving your cars in the city?”

To which Casey replied, “No. There is no engine or steering wheel; I am just pushing them with my hand on the carpet.”

Toddlers make me laugh! 🙂

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