In and Out of the Mouths of Babes

My late Aunt Ava Nell (then 80-years-old) was excited to see us visiting in Colorado. She attempted a conversation with my then 2-yr-old, Christine, who was acting shy and sucking her thumb while observing the room.

Aunt Ava: “Christine, what is that in your mouth?”

Christine (after removing her thumb to speak): “Teeth.”

I can still practically hear Aunt Ava Nell’s laugh. 🙂

6 thoughts on “In and Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. Terri I am truly enjoying your blogs. You have a great way of putting every day events into eloquent writing. I just finished the book Stepping Heavenward –thank you for the suggestion. I lalways look forward to being notified when a new Letter to Lindsey is posted. Please keep encouraging and motivating us like you do
    Lynnette Parr

    • Oh yay! I am so excited you read Stepping Heavenward! Thank you for your encouragement about these letters. Some weeks will be weaker than others, since I am really IN motherhood right now, which is the higher priority, but God has blessed me with understanding friends like you! Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Reminds me of the day I inquired of our daughter (then 4yrs), why she was carrying her chair out the back door to our freshly planted vegetable patch (planted that day), “I’m going to watch the beans grow…” was her comment over her shoulder as she went out the door.

    How simple, would that I could think more simply on God’s provisions for my days and accept them clearly and at face value all the time without questioning and wondering…

    Just a thought…

    (New to your blog, loving it, understand your life in the “trenches” of motherhood, praying for your family, motherhood only gets richer as they grow, thanks for your encouragement on our journey…keep persevering and I’ll keep praying…)

    Kathy B.

  3. And then, Terri….you turn around and the day comes you find yourself hearing Grandmother, Nana, Grammie, often something with a G. When it was finally my turn, I had caught part of a show where the new Grandmother was struggling with the “G word!,Trying to negotiate the “G” word with her daughter, she sheepishly lowered her voice and said, could the new baby call me……. Goddess?!

    Before my Grandbabies got any older, one day I tried to change the “G” word to one of our traditional Italian names… Nana or Nonnie. Nonnie had not been used in our family, I started to really like it.

    Knowing I had to burst through with BIG enthusiasm to make it sound like a great idea to the babies, I said excitedly and matter-of-factly, I think Nonnie is a GREAT name, I am going to be NONNIE from now on!!!! Yayyyy!!!

    Big smiles, lots of teeth, and gently shaking heads, all in unanimous harmony…… NOOOO sillie GRAMMIE, YOU are OUR GRAAAMMIE!!!! One gave me hope, in an aha moment she said, we will call you Nonnie… Go Courtney….. JUST for the day., okay Grammie?

    Final point, game over!

    Keep your letters coming when you can.Terri, It is quite unanimous how much we love them. And, good things are worth waiting for.

    Love you, Chris and family…..

    Sincerely, Grammie Michelle ❤

  4. Terri-
    It’s funny. I felt led to send you a note of encouragement on how I love seeing you avoid one style in posting a blog. Some are short and sweet, some more detailed and colorful…all necessary and perfectly timed. The funny part…the first comment I read to you said that very thing! Must be God wanted to assure you of what a writer you already are! Thank you Sweet Terri for being transparent and real. I am fortunate to be following a path you have walked and know another Godly woman can walk along with me as well. Grown up girlfriends are a wonderful thing….someday I’m certain we will meet outside these blogs. That will be a very special day indeed. Keep it up!

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