The Book is Here!

Introducing: Letters to Lindsey in book form!


Thanks to my husband’s initiative and his incredible, creative team; thanks to you who requested it; and thanks to the late Russ Mack who persistently encouraged it: Letters to Lindsey (the book) is available! With a foreword by Laurie Woodward and introduction by my best-selling husband Chris, let the stories begin! The chronicled journeys through infertility and the brain tumor survival,  tea parties and fishing trips, along with enflamed underwear (size 4T) on a chandelier are all decorated with my kids’ cute quotes in Post-It note form.  It’s a short read, a long read or anything in-between. So curl up with a blanket in front of the fire, make some fresh popcorn and hot chocolate, (or just go to the beach!) and relish some quiet reading time as you laugh with me, cry with me, and grow with me!


-Terri Brady

image copy


Readers (you!) in line for book-signing in Milwaukee, WI.

19 thoughts on “The Book is Here!

  1. Terri

    I can not wait to read Letters to Lindsey. I know the pearls of wisdom gained will create a beautiful necklace that only YOU could create!

  2. Hi Terri,
    So glad you (and Chris:)) decided to put these letters in book form. Can’t wait to re-read your lessons/words of wisdom, as well as pass it on. This comes out at perfect timing for Christmas gifts too;0)
    God Bless!

  3. Woo HOO Terri! I am so very proud of you! And happy that there was some game planning going on for awhile without you so your masterpiece could come to life!!! 🙂 You are one of the most talented women I know — and I am thrilled that your gift of writing can now be set next to my bedside! I bought a personal copy plus more as gifts so your wisdom can be a blessing to others! Thank you for being you and allowing God to work in your life!

  4. My favorite blog in book form. What a beautiful masterpiece Terri! Forgot to get mine signed at the convention but lucky for me I will be seeing you guys again in a couple weeks in Madison. YAY! Can’t wait to get a bunch more copies as future gifts.

  5. Great we can wait to see you in Fresno CA. We are so proud of you thanks for all your effort and inspiration. God bless.

  6. I bought this at the week-end event and am on page 93 already, I can’t get enough of this book! It is a truly powerful and inspirational book and I am so thankful these blogs got put into book form. There is something different about reading the blogs strung together page by page that I can flip and feel and touch and underline and refer back to when discussing my reading of the day with my dad and husband and mom….I have cried, laughed, cringed, and been encouraged all in the same hour period of reading this! I cant wait to give this as gifts. As a young mom of 3 young girls (newly venturing into the homeschool arena) I appreciate you sharing your world so willingly and always pointing back to Jesus Christ. You are a true Hero to me! Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!! My favorite so far is “Climb The Ladder”. (Also, guys should read this too, not just girls!!!) Have a great day! Alison

  7. Yes … When I think of Russ Mack I see a great person and a very good friend … And even now I smile re-playing in my mind the moments that we shared together …

    In addition to that I would like to add the following … I recently heard the audio ” The Character to Marry ” … The information shared are great … The relationship between parents and children are really important and they should be attended with the most of care …


  8. Hi Terri!
    What a terrific husband you have to orchestrate the book. We bought it at the Major, and can’t wait to read it! I couldn’t help but notice that in both the pictures you posted above, almost everyone is doing what Chris would call: “The cell phone slouch”. Only they’re not! They’re reading your book!! Kudos to all who made this happen.

  9. Wow! I just got done with your book! I remember so many of these stories. From stage, & from church. You are such an AMAZING lady! Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us!

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