For Fun: The Guy Version of The Stranger’s Sketch

Dear Lindsey,

Did you see my post yesterday? You will not understand today’s post unless you saw yesterday’s so I encourage you to read it first here: The Stranger’s Sketch.

And then have fun analyzing the humor in someone’s parody of the same video “from a guy’s perspective” here:

The funny part of the video (the fact that some people see themselves as,… well, uh, perfect) does not have to be gender specific to men. (Although, the video-maker entitled it “guy’s perspective.”) There are different versions of self-portraits in both genders.

The overall point remains the same: it is not self-esteem, but God-esteem that matters in the bigger picture called life.

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In fun,

Terri Brady


11 thoughts on “For Fun: The Guy Version of The Stranger’s Sketch

  1. Terri, that was hilarious! I was having trouble stiffling giggles in my workplace . . .
    The challenge is, we all know people who actually think like the egotistical guys in this clip . . . And who are totally clueless, even when confronted with the truth . . .
    It occurred to me if we look at the two portrait videos as metaphors for people’s attitudes towards new information and their need of it, we can see why there is such great reception to it on one hand, and such incredible stubborn ignorance on the other. Just a thought . . .
    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. This one is pretty funny. I wonder if the reason the second drawing came out so much worse is because it was another guy giving the description. Maybe our competitive, alpha-male attitude (the same one that caused each guy to describe themselves as pretty much perfect), is exactly why they gave such a bad description of the other guys. I would be interested in seeing how sketches of the men through women’s eyes would look.

    I would also surmise that at least some of those guys aren’t as secure in their looks as they seem to be. I think pride might just get in the way of them wanting to talk about their flaws and insecurities in an open setting.

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