Dampened Impressions, Toddler Style

Dear Lindsey,

Company is coming!!! The holidays begin! Candy still lingers in my kitchen and I can’t believe it’s already the next holiday!

My preparations today remind me of a day a couple years ago:

I have had their last name for almost two decades, but trying to make a good impression on my in-laws is still one of my strong desires. I want to make sure they know I am the perfect wife for their perfect son :).  They encourage me and tell me nice things all the time, but as a daughter-in-law, I always want to do more for them.

Case in point:

The oven had been hot, preparing the holiday goodies all day. The laundry room was equally hot, as I tried to get all of the tasks done before their arrival. I wiped counters and awaited their text: they could be here any minute. All the checkmarks were in the box! …if that last load of laundry could get put away.

“GPS says we’ll be there in 10,” the text arrived!

I worked to mop that floor one last time, and hopefully put on makeup as if I always look “done-up” for their son…but that one last load of laundry was still in the back of my mind. Oh, how I wish I could clone myself for times like this! Wait?! Isn’t that why I had kids? (smile)

“J.R.?” I yelled up the stairs to see if the last remaining unworking child was within earshot.

“What, Mom?” the 5-yr-old yelled back down.

“Grammy and Papa will be here in 10 minutes. The dryer has your clothes in it. Could you please fold those and put them away?”

“10 minutes?!!! Yaaayyy!! Sure! I’ll put my clothes away!”

A tinge of guilt crossed my mind. Is that a lot to ask of a 5-yr-old? He’s folded clothes beside me many times before. The dryer happened to only have his clothes in it, so he would know where it all went, right? They don’t have to be folded perfectly; they only need to disappear into his drawers, right? Perfect! I have time to get myself ready! I raced upstairs to the master bath.

“They’re here!!” the screams began from each of the four children. No question that the white van from Michigan had pulled into the driveway.

Phew, the floor dried in time! I thought as I descended the stairs to the clean kitchen greeting Grammy and Papa. Chris came out of his office; the holiday had begun!

Later that evening, as is tradition (and such a great break for me!!) Grammy and Papa headed up the stairs to help the kids to bed. The kids anxiously picked out their favorite books and brushed teeth, while looking forward to their “scratch-backing” time while Grammy and Papa read books. That’s when Grammy yelled down:

“Terri? Do you have a leak somewhere?”

A leak? You’re kidding me!

I raced upstairs to find that she was baffled why all of J.R.’s pajamas in the dresser were WET.

As I inspected the situation, I found that not only were the PJ’s wet, but so were all of the underwear, pants and shirts…that he had put away from the dryer.

“J.R., was the dryer off when you took the things out to put them away?”

“No. You didn’t say they had to be dry.”

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Be thankful you have clothes…even if they are wet.

God bless,

Terri Brady

17 thoughts on “Dampened Impressions, Toddler Style

  1. I love this! I’m sure I’m in for some of the same things as my kids get older. I look forward to “cloning myself” when it comes to laundry! 🙂

  2. Oh, Terri,
    Thank you for a much needed laugh! How often we all live in a Robert Burns world, when Murphy’s Law goes into high gear and “the best laid plans of mice and men” go awry!
    I remember our son David doing something similar at about 7 or so. We laughed and laughed with our guests (Bob’s relatives) at the time, and this made me laugh remembering it . . .
    I pray you and Chris, and all your clan, have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! We have so much for which to be grateful, and I am so glad I can count knowing you and Chris among our blessings . . .

  3. Love it! Terri, I personally do not have children of my own so I can not say I relate, but your stories make me smile. Thank you for sharing your LIFE with us. God Bless you & the family during these Holidays! Much love, Deb

  4. Terri, a hilarious story! We always feel so welcome at your house, and you are the perfect one for our son. Who else would go along with him on some of his “interesting ideas”! We love you like a daughter, and you don’t have to try to please us. You do it just by being you. So sad not to be able to see you guys this holiday season, but have absolutely wonderful memories of holidays past. Give a big hug to all of the kids, (yes, that grown up one too.) Love you, mom and dad.

  5. Thanks for the laugh and memories of past escapades. This time of year is great to remember to be so thankful for family, friends and all of our many blessings!–Esp. you and all of your efforts on our behalf!! Here’s to the future! Love, Jim and Mary Robson

  6. Something like this could definitely happen at our house. 🙂 I was also surprised because my husband’s mom and step-dad are also “Grammy and Papa”.

  7. I can imagine you inspecting the scene and responding with your Terri Brady smile! When I get too easily upset over “small rocks” regarding my children — moments of them simply being children — I always think of you. What would Terri do? (which is similar to thinking WWJD!) I quickly apologize, ask for forgiveness — and pray 🙂 Unfortunately, I still react more than I respond. Thank you for your amazing example, Terri! It is encouraging to me because I know that you are who you are because God is working through you!

  8. Gotta love the things kids do!! I walked by our TV one day and a full slice of American cheese was stuck on the screen! I asked my 3 year old at the time, “Abigail, why is there cheese on the TV?” to which she looked and excitedly said “oh, there’s my cheese!” Thanks for sharing your story!!

  9. Thank you so much for the transparent stories Terri! We had a great laugh and I have learned to laugh even harder at those daily funnies in our own home!

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