“I’m glad I’m a Boy!”

Dear Lindsey,

I love when kids say cute things!

Still on vacation in Italy, somehow in the transition between hotels, we lost our bottle of hair conditioner. Christine(8) thought the hotel’s provided body wash was conditioner, and instead of detangling and making her hair smooth, it made it into a sticky ball of rats’ nests.  She was sad that we would have to work through it, when Nate told me that he didn’t know what the big deal was; he always used the body wash on his hair and it never bothered him. Casey quickly jumped in, “I use hair shampoo for everything; I don’t know why we need different products.”

I told them, “Well, boys can do that; girls need products!”

to which JR(7) said, “Yay! I’m glad I’m a boy! Except I guess I wouldn’t get a life boat if my ship were sinking.”



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5 thoughts on ““I’m glad I’m a Boy!”

  1. What a fun conversation that everyone contributed in one way or another 🙂 It’s great you track many of the conversations and one-liners! I need to come up with a better system of doing just that! Thank you for taking the time to share and send smiles!

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