Atlantis Resort – Full of Surprises!

Dear Lindsey,

I was just reminded of a funny motherhood moment I HAD to share!  The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is as amazing as everyone had told us it would be. The check-in experience in a lobby with a 7,000 gallon fish tank (bearing sting rays, sharks and eels among the hundreds of sea creatures) told us that this was out of the league of “usual” 5-star resorts. All in all, over 200 million gallons of water are used for the waterslides, pools and unending sea-life homes. This resort attempts fun for all ages by also offering dancing, bars and even a casino on site.  Being frugal, despite being at a 5-star resort (and being able to deduct taxes, since business meetings were held there), we scoped out the cheapest way to feed our children, then ages 6, 3, and 4-months.  The restaurant that fit the needs for our kids- who never seemed to finish a plate of food-  was just on the other side of the casino. We instructed our babysitter to take the children there for dinner, while we got ready to go to our meeting.

As Chris and I walked to the convention room, we took the short-cut through the casino. We were surprised to see our children and sitter there, coming back from dinner already.  The babysitter explained that dinner had been cut short due to an accident that the 3-year-old had in his pants…#2.


Being a mom, I decided I needed to assess the damage in case there were any special instructions for the babysitter – like, “You can throw away the pants.”

To my surprise, when I looked into his shorts, nothing was there! I looked down the line of carpet, slot machines ringing on both sides, and realized that somewhere along the path from the restaurant, the dirty deed had rolled out of the shorts and onto the floor.  I was horrified! We continued our walk, scouring the floor to see if we could find the mess to clean up. I couldn’t help but notice 4-inch Stiletto heels on a woman, and was thankful they had not speared our “treasure.”

Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas

Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas

The evidence was never found…by us anyway.

Have a laugh  today!


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