Hard to Swallow

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Pregnancy, although an answer to years of prayer for me, was not always the joy I thought it would be.  For one of my four pregnancies, every morning began with morning sickness, which never seemed to understand when noon had come and gone.

Once, while at lunch with my two-year old, the “morning” sickness hit immediately after I had eaten lunch. I quickly headed for the bathroom, throwing my purse and 2-year-old on the floor, urgently as I grabbed the receptacle. When I was done, I turned to my 2-year-old, to apologize.

He looked up at me and said, “Mom, is that baby in your belly still making you sick?”

“Yes…, I guess it is…” I said, wiping the sweat from my brow.

“Well, then why did you swallow it?!”



4 thoughts on “Hard to Swallow

  1. Oh Terri! That brought back some, um-gulp, memories!! I had 6 pregnancies in 5 years, only 3 successful ones! The three miraculous amazing sons I did carry to term came with varying degrees of sickness! Notice I didn’t say ‘morning sickness’. With my oldest it was morning, noon, night and anything I between sickness! With the middle son it was anytime the mood struck sickness and finally the youngest gave me a break with mid-morning sickness. My full sympathies lie with anyone experiencing that particular malady of expectant motherhood!! My own grandmother used to smugly say she ‘never had a day of sickness’! LOL! Oh well! My hat is off to those that do!

  2. i didn’t have morning sickness: but i had days where i would cook a scrumptious dinner, be ravenous when i sat down..and 2 bites later i was done. one more bite would have been a disaster. with my first child, i couldn’t stand the sight/smell of bologna (which is another interesting story, too!), and with my second child, it was egg salad. go figure! thanks, terri for the marvelous insights!

  3. Such a cute story and so true. I was one with all day sickness that lasted about 7 months. For any expectant Moms out there-it will go away. I had the good fortune of friends who were there to help out on those bad days.

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