A Soldier’s Perspective

Dear Lindsey,

I got one of those emails today that made me stop and think. A soldier was asking it to be passed on, so I thought I would forward it to you. Please continue to keep soldiers in prayer, as they are paying a great price. I saw in the news today how one heroically laid down his life for a young girl. Many will not make the news story, but they and their families are so valued in my eyes, as is anyone who serves others above him/herself. I am so grateful for not only the soldiers, but their wives/husbands/families who sacrifice the “average life” to obtain more for us all.

Thank you!

And when you read to the end, you can probably add, “A soldier finds it hard to listen to someone be exasperated over her dog’s behavior.” I love how the Lord gently gives us perspective.


This email is being  circulated around the world – please keep it  going

When a soldier  comes home, he finds it hard…

 …to listen to his son whine about being bored.

 …to keep a  straight face when people complain about  potholes. 

…to be tolerant of  people who complain about the hassle of getting  ready for work.

…to be  understanding when a co-worker complains about a  bad night’s sleep.

…to be silent  when people pray to God for a new car.  

…to control  his panic when his wife tells him he needs to  drive slower. 

…to be  compassionate when a businessman expresses a  fear of flying.

…to keep from  laughing when anxious parents say they’re afraid  to send their kids off to summer camp.

…to keep from  ridiculing someone who complains about hot  weather.

…to control  his frustration when a colleague gripes about  his coffee being cold.

…to remain  calm when his daughter complains about having to  walk the dog.

…to be civil  to people who complain about their jobs.

…to just walk  away when someone says they only get two weeks  of vacation a year.

…to be  forgiving when someone says how hard it is to  have a new baby in the house.

The  only thing harder than being a  Soldier… 


Is loving one. I was  asked to pass this on, so I did.

God bless,


16 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Perspective

  1. Thank you for the reminder! It’s easy to complain when we sit around in our freedom, forgetting the price that has to be paid to keep it!

  2. Hi Terri,
    It is so true, I know I do take things for granted. Thank you for reminding me to be so thankful for everything I do have and am blessed with. Sometimes life gets in the way and we do forget, but that no excuse

    Gayle Sommers

  3. My son is in the Navy. He is so proud to serve his Country! We encourage him all the time to keep doing what he is doing, because the job he is doing is an amazing gift, and one of honor! Thank You for sharing this. And THANK YOU to any soldiers (or the family member of a soldier) who may read this blog! THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to be enough! But we APPRECIATE YOU and ALL that You do for Us!

  4. Teri, thank you for reminding us to keep the men and women who fight to keep us all free in our daily prayers! John and I always thank every soldier, marine sailer etc we pass for their service. We should always remember that we would not be enjoying our freedom today if it weren’t for their sacrifices!

  5. Wow Terri, that was a great reminder! A great big “thank you” to all of our soldiers and their families who have fought and sacrificed for this great nation – past, present & future! God Bless America!

  6. Thanks for passing it on. Having a nephew who served several tours and one who is in the navy and can retire in 2 years, I have seen their struggles just to cope and live life after being in active duty.

    Blessings to our soldiers and their families. It is because of them that we live under a blanket called Freedom!

  7. I truly understand this one . I’m an army wife. Only those who have been there when they leave to go to the unknown and pray they all come back. To tell ur kids to keep the faith even though are trying your self . Without these soliders we in this USA would not be free. Now to try and keep it that way.

  8. As the mother of a Marine, I know the sacrifices these fine men and women WILLINGLY make so we can live our normal lives. Thank you Terri, for reminding us of all we take for granted. When Ryan was deployed to Afghanistan, I literally carried my cell phone with me 24 hours each day, even in the bathroom, because I never knew when a call might come, and I had no way to call back. When he returned to San Diego after six months of desert life–temps would reach as high as 140 mid-day, and they had to wear full gear–I asked how he would feel if he had to go back. He said, “No problem! I’m ready.”

  9. The fine men and women who serve in the armed forced for our country are heroes in my book and we strive to honor them. I know how difficult it is to have a son far away at war. Thank you to all those who love, support, comfort and lift in prayer our brave men and women. My deepest heartfelt sympathy extends to those whose family member gave it all and won’t be coming home. My sincere gratitude for the peace and freedom I enjoy today at such a cost. God bless our veterans, soldiers and our country. Blessed are the peace makers.

  10. May God Bless every man & woman fighting to preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution of the United States of America, our sacred honour as a constitutional republic birthed 235+ years ago thanks to 50 brave men, and certainly not, least, the eight meanings of freedom that Oliver DeMille so wonderfully explains in ‘Freedom Shift’

    May God continue to bless America! Semper Fi.

  11. Terri thank you for that reminder, it brought tears to my eyes…i needed to read this today :)…you have a gift. Love Rachel

  12. Awesome message Terri! The slogan of the Wounded Warrior Program is, ‘the greatest casualty is to be forgotten.’ As a Vet in the LIFE Community, I firmly believe there is no danger of that ever happening here! God Bless all who serve, have served, and support those serving! Semper Fi!

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