“Kneeded” Update

Dear Lindsey,

I just thought I would update you, because you have asked how Nate is doing since his skiing injury 2/24- which was reinjured when he tried to play soccer 2 weeks later, getting ready for an important tournament.  I had put some updates on that letter, Miscarriages, Slow Toddlers and Knees, but this week, we were blessed to see him play soccer again.  He went to practice Tuesday, with instructions from the therapist about not playing the entire practice, but taking it easy. God has really blessed us with a good therapist, Dennis at Raleigh Orthopedic Physical Therapy, who seems like is in the mind of my 11-year-old. He knew that Nate would not know how to play “half-way” and didn’t want him to learn to play that way, anyway. He said, “When you are on the field in a game or at practice, give it 100%. But only be on the field 50% until you have full healing.” It has been three weeks since the 2nd injury, and I guess it was enough for my little 100%-er to get back at it. Nate is concerned about his game Sunday – that he would accidentally give it 150%, 🙂 but I told him that’s in God’s hands. He just needs to do his best.

I thought you might want an update. Thank you for caring.

Have a blessed day,


4 thoughts on ““Kneeded” Update

  1. So glad that Nate is healing and able to play again. I’ll keep him in my prayers….no more injuries, thank you. Love all you Brady’s, Dee

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