Random Thoughts of a 4-yr-old

Dear Lindsey,

I love it when my children say random sentences. They are like little gifts of smiles for me

Random Thoughts of Kindness Barnstar

Random Thoughts

from God. These were so random! I mean, picture a child sitting at the kitchen table coloring, and out pops the thought, “God can see your underwear.” So funny! I only wish I had had access to a pen every time, before their funny words slipped my mind. Feel free to share any from your own children in the comments section. Here are some favorites I remember:

– “If you didn’t have lips, you couldn’t say ‘p,’ you could only say, ‘t’.”

– “I think this is when tornadoes like to come out.”

– In a prayer, “Dear God, Sorry I sometimes say ‘yuk’ when the food comes.”

– “Are honeymoons fun?”

– “You have to love everyone. Even the evil-est 80-yr-old lady.”

– “God can see your underwear.”

– “Wouldn’t it be cool if pigs laid eggs?”

– “Why does everyone want to see Old Faithful? Who cares about volcanoes?”

I hope your day is full of smiles! -Terri

26 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a 4-yr-old

  1. Just a few days ago, my son prayed to God on my behalf: “God, please work with my mom. She’s a sinner. She said the ‘s’ word this morning.” I reallllly thought he was outside. 😉

  2. My grandmother had a friend visiting 1 day. While we were all sitting around the table talking I noticed my 4 year old daughter intently staring at my grandmothers friend. Finally I asked her what she was thinking about. Just as honest as honest can be, My daughter look at the friend and said just as serious as could be….” HOW did you get all those cracks in your face????” I about died but my but my grandmother’s friend totally cracked up!! She looked at my daughter and said…” honey when you get to be my age you will have cracks in your face too!!!”

    I could write a book where all the hilarious things I have heard from kids and grandkids!!! They sure know how to make me smile!!!

    grandmother’s friend just totally cracked up!!!! She looked at my daughter and sad

  3. In response to a woman yelling at me in a local donut shop that if she wasn’t a “christian” she would be pounding me into the cement for my granddaughter bumping her truck with our car door.
    My dear sweet new Christian granddaughter said: Excuse me mam but if you was a real Christian like us you would except our “I’m sorry” and walk away and forget about it.
    This young girl had just accepted the Lord the week before and she understood it more than the 60 plus woman who was screaming and making a fool of herself.
    I’ll never forget and always be so proud of her for standing up and speaking the truth in front of a whole shop full of people.

  4. One day while schooling my 8 year old daughter says “Mom we should turn out the lights and just use the sun because God pays that electric bill not daddy.”

  5. Upon being told it was time for bed, my then 4 year old daughter replied, “Can’t I just stay up for a couple of whiles?”

  6. Over time we have been talking about going to visit Yellowstone as a family. As we sat around the table yesterday, my 5 year old pipes up randomly, “I want to go to Coldstone, not Yellowstone.”

  7. I was trying to explain to my 5 year old son about adoption, saying he might get a little sister that way. Several of his friends had just gotten siblings the old fashioned way. He looked at me in disbelief and said “Don’t you know you have to grow your own”?

  8. Just the other day we went to Toys’R’Us to find a toy for a party the kids were going to… My daughter and son are seating on the table looking at the two bags we got from there… one said Toys’R’Us the other Babies’R’Us. My daughter asked her brother “Danny if at Toys are us they sell “Toys” do they sell “Babies” at Babies’R’Us?”

  9. I have a 3 1/2 year old named Sofia and it seems every day I receive “gifts of smiles” — and lots of laughter! I am pregnant which is often a topic of conversation between Sofia and I. She is excited about being a big helper — and very perceptive! Just the other day Sofia asked “Mommy, is the baby going to nurse from your breasts or my breasts?”

    This past weekend, my husband and I were having a “discussion” in the car. Sofia, sensitive to discussions, told me not to get mad. I explained to Sofia that I was not mad — that Daddy and I are just having a conversation. Not to be fooled, she quickly replied “Mommy, will you please just stop having a conversation.”

    Finally, she loves to pray before dinner and always says the first prayer. She expresses tons of gratitude “thank you God for my Daddy being here, thank you for my “bubbies” (a.k.a brothers) being here, thank you for this food” and the kicker “thank you God for God — amen!”

    My own prayers consist of lately “Thank you God that I can be home with Sofia to be the recipient of all her sweet, random thoughts! What a blessing! And thank you God for God — amen!” 😉

  10. One of my friends was talking with her daughter one day. She asked her what do you say in church? Her daughter said alleluia. My friend asked her what else do you say to that her daughter said you say it. My friend said I will give you a hint Holly….to which her daughter replied CATFISH LOL

  11. When I startled my 8 month old grandson and he jumped, I laughted and said “you almost jumped out of your skin”. About 5 minutes later his 4 year old brother said, “Gramma, If Ruger jumps out of his skin, he will be really messy”.

  12. My seven year old daughter is learning and practicing “I forgive you” and when my one and a half year old daughter got her foot stuck on my purse straps in the car, she yelled, “stuck!” My older daughter said, “is your foot stuck?” and fixed it; then she said to my little one, say “I forgive you!” Then my little one said very matter of factly, “No.” I’m guessing she thought the situation didn’t warrant forgiveness… : o)

  13. Terri, upon further reflection of this post……… I really was trying to wrack my brain for funny things my older kids have said as toddlers and simply couldn’t remember, seeing that it was so long ago. My youngest is only 2 and his vocabulary is still so limited to come out with those funny or embarrassing comments, which usually come at the most inopportune time ;)` With that said, lately my 2 yr old has been doing/saying something that has been very thought provoking. It turns out that whenever I play worship music, he immediately throws his hands together, yells out “pray!” and INSISTS ( I do believe I have a choleric on my hands, lol) that everyone who is around put their hands together to “pray”! So, it seems my babe inately understands that true worship is equal to prayer. Our worship should be so heartfelt that it is as if we are “praying”. Maybe that’s one reason why we have the Psalms (prayer songs) as an example. As noted earlier ~ “out of the mouths of babes” 🙂

  14. My 7 year old can be rather bossy to her 4 year old sister. One day she was insisting that the littler one could not do something…The little one put her hands on her hips and yells “YOU NEED TO FEED MY ELEPHANT GOOD PEANUTS, SO BE NICE TO ME!!!!!!!”

    • A few weeks ago, the same fiesty 4 year old was enjoying some coffee at breakfast with me. She picked up her little mug and said “I love coffee. I love it so much. I’m-a gonna destroy this cup of coffee.”

  15. My 4 yr old Jonny said, “When I get big all my clothes will go to Jireh…then I won’t have anymore…I’ll have to just play in my underwear!” -Mim

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