Huffin and Puffin

Dear Lindsey,

Trying to get out the door for travel soccer for my older two has always been a challenge- especially when my younger two were toddlers.

Once on the way out the door, I heard a cry, “Mom, I need your help!” from the upstairs bathroom. As I ascended the staircase, the smell was overpowering. Knowing the smell was synonymous with “urgent mess” for me to clean up, I felt my heartbeat accelerate. “We are going to be late!” I thought, frustration rising. I knew this was hardly the toddler’s fault, so I began praying that God would give me a calm spirit with the one at hand, that my intense feelings would not be taken out on the child, considering it was the timing- not his behavior- that was the issue.

As I arrived at the bathroom, I truly could not believe my eyes. There was the mess…all over him, his hands, the cupboard, the knobs, the sink, the spigot, the towels, the light switch?!!!!! I was aghast! Seriously, the stench robbed my ability to breathe. He was distraught in the middle of it all.  It was clear my four-year-old had tried to clean himself after diarrhea. It was then that I asked one of those “mom” questions that sounds so idiotic in retrospect, because I knew the answer, but I just had to say something.

“What happened?!!!!” I said, trying to sound calmer than my heart rate would indicate.

It was then that God answered my prayers of calmness as my rage turned to internal laughter. The toddler answered in despair:

“I don’t know. My belly was huffin’ and puffin’ and then it all just shot out like a rocket!”

Anger can’t change the past, but laughter sure helps today.

I hope it helps your day!



11 thoughts on “Huffin and Puffin

  1. What a way to react! Thanks for sharing with us how to find the humor in an otherwise not-so-pleasant situation! I LOVE your blog, Terri! What wonderful LIFE lessons in the stories you share! You write SO well; I think it may be time for YOU to have a best selling book!

  2. What a “fun” memory 🙂 I imagine you remember that memory more clearly than you do the soccer event that day! Thank you so much for the reminder to enjoy the seemingly untimely moments! (laughing is often a much better alternative to crying)

  3. This is funny but am sure it wasn’t while it was unfolding! I pray that I have the reflex to pray for God’s help when similar situations happen in my own life like you did… it would surely save someone’s sanity :). Thanks for this post.

  4. It does help the day! Thanks for the gentle reminder of what matters most! Your genuineness is truly a vehicle for quite a gift! God Bless!

  5. Terri,
    I wanted to thank you and all of the policy council for another amazing weekend. I do love reading your blogs, you always touch my heart with your stories and also put a big smile on my face.

    Thank you again!
    Gayle Sommers

  6. Oh Lord nor calling on him at all, may not have been my first response but I am so very glad that I am learning to be still and let the other comments pass before I spout off something stupid. Thanks for your thoughts Terri!

  7. We seem to have similar happenings to this at our house. Usually they are related to vomit, but I can completely relate to the inner struggle of keeping my composure and showing complete compassion versus exploding much like my little toddlers’ guts just did. Thank you for the reminder that we are going to have many laughs about it later.

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