“Mom, I need the bug swatter thing.”

After bedtime, Casey (3) was at the top of the stairs yelling for me.  When I arrived, he said, “Can you please get me the bug swatter thing? There are two bugs: one here [by the gate] and one in your room.” I said , “What were you doing in my room? You’re supposed to be in bed.” His eyes got HUGE as if to wonder how I knew he was in my room.  Finally, he answered, “I was looking to see if you had any bugs.”

4 thoughts on ““Mom, I need the bug swatter thing.”

  1. Terri,

    Reminds me of my youngest, Tiniah who has been chewing gum since the womb and has been blowing bubbles since about age two. She has big beautiful brown eyes, walks into where I am with her lips powder white from the gum residue and gently asks “Mom, do you think I have been good enough to have some gum, please?” My reply ” How do you know I have gum?” “Oh, I got it from your purse” Giggle, giggle. (I think she was about 4 when this happened)

  2. That is just brilliant! Thanks for that. I always prefer to start off my days with a good laugh, even if it means I get strange looks from the other people in the office.

  3. Terri,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the info that you and Chris shared about Developing Children Who Love to Read!!!! Teesa and I have two children and that is such an important goal to us as well. It was great to hear from a couple that has succeeded in this area – to know that it can be done and to receive some advice about how to accomplish it. Thank you for your example.

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