Hard to Swallow

Pregnancy, although an answer to years of prayer for me, was not always the joy I thought it would be.  For one of my four pregnancies, every morning began with morning sickness, which never seemed to understand when noon had come and gone. Continue reading

Our Turn to Listen

When my oldest was two, I played the saxophone in a praise band for an evening church service of singing. We didn’t practice during the week, which meant we arrived an hour early and worked to be ready. I always Continue reading

Amen, Pastor!

Dear Lindsey,

At church, the pastor was praying. I guess it was a little longer than my 2-year-old’s attention span, because in the middle of the prayer, Casey began saying, “Amen!” louder and louder, trying to get the pastor to hear it and “obey.” I guess patience was not his innate virtue. :)




One time in the kitchen, Casey (3) was sitting staring at something really pensively. After a few minutes he spoke: “Something is puzzling me.”

Amused at his choice of words for such a small guy, I asked, “Really? What is puzzling?”

He said, “It means it’s confusing or unclear.”

Ha ha!


During my son Casey’s Hot Wheel phase of life, my husband spent a lot of time on the floor, identifying each car and the engine it would have on the road. Casey became an expert! One day while we were out and about, there was a red Camaro in front of us. Casey (age 4) said from the backseat, “Dad! Look at that red Corvette!”

Chris explained, “No, that’s not a Corvette. That one is a Camaro, Casey.”

From the car seat in the back came, “Dad, I know my cars. The red Corvette was above us on the bridge!”

2010 Camaro